Monthly Archives: November 2012

Behind the scenes

One thing I should have done when I set this place up was to do something about the infernal number of post/page revisions WordPress likes to accumulate. There was admittedly one occasion when I did have the need to retrieve something, which leaves about eight hundred or so when I didn’t. So I did a little housecleaning today, shrinking the… (more…)

Another tale in the works

The working title for this one is The way she used to be, and it’s based on an image macro I once saw that had nothing to do with ponies, but which was sad enough to stick with me. During an unplanned trip to Ponyville, a young colt meets up with a filly named Twist; forty years later, he can’t… (more…)

The semi-official TwiBrush timeline

Not to say that I’m actually going to write any of this, but these are the assumptions I’m working with: 1002: Twilight Sparkle steps through a portal and meets a human. 1003: Said human arrives in Equestria and is ponified — because, he says, it’s an irreducible aspect of being a Very Special Somepony. He takes the name Desert Brush.… (more…)