Monthly Archives: December 2012

The name matches the flank

This is something I wrote about elsewhere three years ago on the subject of Thomas Crapper, vendor (if not necessarily the inventor) of flush toilets, and the unusual appropriateness of his surname: John Bemelmans Marciano, in his book Anonyponymous: The Forgotten People Behind Everyday Words (New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2009), advances this intriguing hypothesis: “It does seem fair to question,… (more…)

A bow to the fans

I’m not about to go full Sally Field on you, but several someponies apparently really like me: somehow today I recorded my 2,000th story read at FIMFiction. Who’d have thought that my modest little contributions would draw any kind of audience at all, let alone that much? Next milestone: to see The Sparkle Chronicles hit a thousand by itself. (It’s… (more…)

Actual plaudits

Kind words for The way she used to be, from FIMFiction member Martian: An incredibly deep and beautiful story, criminally under-appreciated. I had no idea it was that good. I may have to read it myself.

Signals ahead

I quote these mostly because of their timely juxtaposition — and because timely juxtapositions are sometimes at the very heart of our existence. Jack Baruth writes today in The Truth About Cars: The notion of the crossroads as a sacred place is older than Robert Johnson, older than the blues, older than the automobile or the Romans who laid the… (more…)

Recoming distraction

You might remember this from October: I’m starting to home in on a concept. It’s primarily a CMC story, with a guest appearance by Sweetcream Scoops, who’s older than they are but who is perfectly capable of giving them questionable advice. And it’s (vaguely) based on a true nonpony story. I said later that I’d shelved the idea. I’m thinking,… (more…)