Monthly Archives: January 2013

Apologies of a sort

I’ve neglected this place of late, but then I haven’t had a whole lot to say, and no compelling story idea are forthcoming. There will be works in progress eventually. Really.

Possibly usable

Naming consultant Nancy Friedman has happened upon a software gizmo to benefit those of us who write pony tales: I don’t get the appeal of My Little Pony even on a meta-meta-ironic level, but I am not you, and you, for all I know, may be a brony. In that case, knock yourself out with Ponify, a browser extension “which… (more…)

And you give yourself away

I’m still scratching around for story ideas. Apparently, though, I can recommend them to others more easily than I can recommend them to myself. A wannabe author at Yahoo! Answers was asking for story ideas involving Rainbow Dash, and in a surprisingly small amount of time I had this proposal on the table: Dash discovers a couple of grey feathers… (more…)