Monthly Archives: August 2013

Still short of a fanbase

Some time during the last 12 hours, I got my 4,000th story view from FIMFiction. I am, of course, delighted, but I’m always surprised when I get any at all. And if I’d get off my flank and do some more writing, I’d probably get a few more than that, but 26-hour days are few and far between, and it’s… (more…)

Not that anyone was confused

Apparently two of us are operating under this same name. I honestly don’t think that our particular interests overlap, but in case it wasn’t clear to you, or you came in from a search engine, I’m the guy who writes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stories at an incredibly slow speed. The other one heads up MiceChat, an independent… (more…)

Bits of recognition

My two stand-alone stories, Dead Pony Flying and The way she used to be, have been picked up by actual FIMFiction groups, getting them a few more readers, which is always nice. (The Twilight’s Library group has picked up both.) I am perhaps most amused by the seal of approval granted to The way by the Good Grammar Directory, whose… (more…)