Monthly Archives: September 2013

Group embrace

Some of the FIMFiction groups have happened onto my stuff, for which of course I am grateful. (I’m not yet in the Let’s Make Fun of Worthless Trash group, but I can wait.) The Sparkle Chronicles: four groups. Dead Pony Flying: two groups. The way she used to be: six groups. All three made it into Twilight’s Library, which has… (more…)

On the question of design

Well, I got through another WordPress update without having to re-tweak the theme. Now this theme was chosen for several reasons — most notably, it looks vaguely dry, and it’s not particularly easy to read — but it’s still current, and therefore it’s subject to change should its author see fit, and should that happen, I have to go back… (more…)

EqG reviewed

But not by me. And I wanted this final paragraph spread around a bit: I really hope that this Flash Sentry thing isn’t the start of a story line that will involve Twilight having a boyfriend and eventually husband, because (a) getting married is sure to get her and Flash shipped off to rule some kingdom and (b) it would… (more…)