Monthly Archives: October 2013

No reason I can see

But today was the busiest day in the history of this site, which means hardly anything in the grand scheme of things, but which tells me that it is now known to exist. On the off chance that somepony might come back, therefore, I’m going to have to actually do something once in a while.

Not that anyone is likely to be concerned

If you’ve wandered over here from FIMFiction, you might have noticed that the chapter titles used here don’t match the chapter titles used there: it’s all numbers at this end. The reason for that is simple: I don’t actually come up with the title until the chapter is completed and ready for uploading to FF, and I don’t want to… (more…)

On the third anniversary

If you tell a casual acquaintance that pony has changed your life, you will get glances askance — if you’re lucky. My friends already know. And even if they’re not similarly moved, they understand what all this means to me. Scoffers, of course, will point out that a lot of this fandom is based on pure, simple, ordinary wish-fulfillment fantasy.… (more…)