Monthly Archives: November 2013

That Season 4 premiere

I don’t want to get too spoiler-y here just yet, but I’ll say this much: I didn’t look away from the screen even once in the whole 44 (or whatever) minutes, and any time a deus is stuffed back into the machina indefinitely is fine with me.

Eclectic slide

The Consumerist today warned against potential household hazards, one of which merits mention here: “Small throw rugs are basically lying in wait for you to stumble over them.” Which of course was a plot point, so to speak, in The Sparkle Chronicles: It was a simple box step. I figured I couldn’t mess that up. And the music was slow… (more…)

Unconscious hilarity

As a rule, spammers exert as little effort as necessary, though sometimes they kick it up a notch. These three items were sitting in the bin, motivated evidently by references to Twilight, the series by Stephenie Meyer, which here of course would actually have been references to Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic and all-around Good Pony. I pass them on… (more…)

An improbable goal

What I’d really like to do is pile up my 5000th story read before Season 4 starts on the 23rd. It’s possible, but perhaps not likely: as if this writing, I’m at 4708. (Prediction: 4825. More if I actually get a chapter completed.)

Not finding the words

FimFiction has put out a site post on song lyrics, which, if copyrighted by somepony else, they’d very much like to avoid, thank you very much. A couple of more-or-less complete songs were incorporated into Somepony New; for the most part, they’ve been stripped out. No sense asking for trouble.