Monthly Archives: December 2013

Linear thinking

You see, Twilight Sparkle isn’t difficult to understand at all: (Found unsourced at Derpibooru.)

A vague sense of popularity

Just debarked from Fimfiction, where I discovered that I have now accumulated 5,000 story views, which is something like 4,782 more than I could possibly deserve. With Second Act already over 1,000, the next milestone, I guess, will be 2,000 for The Sparkle Chronicles. Might make it by the end of the year, but I’m not holding my breath.

Eww, girls!

Hasbro is just now catching on to the idea that their top “girls’ show” is outdrawing just about everything else, and Equestria Girls notwithstanding, corporate is loath to drive the boys away. Now suppose it had gone the other way, with massive numbers of girls watching, say, Transformers. Would they panic? Probably not. Then you look at Paul Dini’s Tower… (more…)

Time well spent

I liked this observation by Scootareader over at The Daily Oat: Thinking logically about it, there would be far more free time in my day if I hadn’t filled it with ponies. This is a choice, not an obligation; perhaps all addicts say that about their problems, but I think that watching an educational, entertaining show for girls is ultimately… (more…)

More minor milestones

When The Sparkle Chronicles recorded its 1000th reader, I did my best to downplay the inevitable fan squee: anypony, I said, could get one story to 1000, but if I ever get two stories to 1000, I’ll have accomplished something. Second Act reached 1000 today. Also today: Somepony New hit 700. This impresses me more than you’d think. After all,… (more…)

The has-beens of Hasbro

AdAge considers Hasbro vs. Mattel, and their time machine pops a spring or something: The company is also putting more stock into girls’ brands, which saw a 29% jump in sales in the third quarter. After the success of TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, (which at one point had a substantial male following) Hasbro decided to extend… (more…)