Monthly Archives: January 2014

Non-random numbers

On the off-chance that somepony might be curious, a few site statistics: Number of days this site has existed: 570 Number of views: 2,137 Number of views per day: 3.75 Busiest day: 30 October 2013 (85 views) Least-busy day: rather a lot of zeroes Number of days it took me to add “somepony” to the spellchecker: 570

Back into the fray

I’ve started up Chapter 6 of The Life That Late He Led, which promises to be — well, maybe it’s too early to make any promises. Let’s just say that our lovebirds are still capable of a prolonged squawk.

What’s going on

Amazingly, The Sparkle Chronicles got its 2000th read today. I find this simultaneously delightful and puzzling: I mean, given the way Fimfiction’s view counter works, not all those folks actually read the whole thing through — but still, two thousand gave it a chance. Rule 63, of course, proposes a stallion version of Twilight Sparkle, generally known in the fandom… (more…)

On the other side of the divide

A writer apologizes to his readers — well, some of them, anyway: hey everyone. sorry I’ve been inactive for so long and not been working on my stories. I’ve been buisy with life issues and other sites I’m apart of. also to the people who have sent me hate coments on my doctor whooves fanfiction, I hold no ill will… (more…)

Memo from the Shipping Department

Canon, schmanon!