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There will be no further embarrassment

If you’ve ever sidled up to the counter, looked both ways, dropped your voice several decibels and begged for a pony in your Happy Meal, well, Mickey D is looking out for your interests, kinda sorta: McDonald’s may indeed be moving forward on its promise to retrain its employees about how to deal with gender and Happy Meals. Earlier this… (more…)

Pass the hay fries

This is how we know Twi is so much smarter than the rest of us: Junk food is specifically engineered to be the best. It’s food made to taste good with science and rampant abuse of what we know of biology, like how fats, sugars and salts cause the brain to overload with bliss. What is there possibly not to… (more…)

Playing defense

I occasionally hang out at Yahoo Answers, there being a small number of topics about which I know a lot, or appear to know a lot, which is nearly as good; the other day, this question was posed, and I was sufficiently incensed to respond. “Is it weird for a 20 year old male to be a brony?” Im concerned… (more…)


There exists a short (1527 words) story titled A Letter to the Griffon Emperor on the Matter of War, which is exactly that: a nastygram from Twilight Sparkle that informs Emperor Tail Feather that should he try anything, he will not like the results. It’s nicely written, though I’m thinking that a good example of sabre-rattling should not include a… (more…)

Winter having been wrapped up

You’ve probably seen this — it got its own post at EqD — but if you haven’t, well, this is a travelogue like no other. I kept hoping Fleur Dis Lee would pop in.