Monthly Archives: May 2014

Beyond Rarity

EqD made a fuss over a fraction of the Social Security Administration’s annual baby-names list: Probably not influenced by ponies, but it’s interesting to see that Rarity is [in] a list of baby names! Though I think Rarity would have something to say to people thinking her name is outrageous. Of course, the list they consulted contained the names that… (more…)

I find this somehow gratifying

Last Saturday, 632,000 people (age 2 and up) were watching Fox News, slightly more than the next two cable-news outlets combined. Meanwhile, 788,000 people (age 2 and up) were watching Twilight Sparkle figuratively kicking Tirek’s flank. (I mean, she didn’t actually kick him, though I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had.) Then again, there’s generally more truth in 22… (more…)

And now, the analyses

StatManDan reviews the two-part “Twilight’s Kingdom” at Derpy News, and while no one has yet touched on my major quibble — “Kingdom”? Since when does Equestria have kings? — there are more important issues lurking, and Telofy hits on the biggest one: My qualm with the episode was that Twilight appears to make a decision to sacrifice all of ponykind… (more…)

Wrapping up Season Four

Today we learned that: Somepony has seen Dragon Ball; Discord is even more complicated than we thought; Long memories abound; This is going to be awfully hard to work into The Life That Late He Led.   That said: Season Five, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Addendum: This seems to sum it up nicely: Well that escalated… (more…)