Monthly Archives: June 2014

Yesterday was Friday

Those of you who know me from elsewhere know that in addition to my indulgence in that which is pony, I am also a fan of teenage singer Rebecca Black, she who spread the Gospel of Friday (first commandment: “Gotta get down”) back in 2011 and was virtually pilloried for it. Today, you should know, is her 17th birthday. What… (more…)

Meanwhile at DHX

Everypony’s favorite animation house is about to revive an old live-action favorite: Canadian kids entertainment content firm DHX Media is banking on new Teletubby mania as it unveils plans to produce 60 new episodes of Teletubbies for CBeebies. The move follows DHX Media last year acquiring Teletubbies owner Ragdoll Worldwide from BBC Worldwide and an investor group including founder Anne… (more…)

One of those family things

I’ll never live down the shame of having once pronounced Bonnie Zacherle’s last name as “Zach-earl”. It’s “Zach-uh-lee”. #BadPony — Foal Papers (@foalpapers) June 8, 2014 Bonnie Zacherle, of course, is the creator of the My Little Pony toy line, which debuted way back in the 1980s. And only then did my up-way-past-bedtime brain make the obvious connection. This is… (more…)

Notes in the night

I was stuck at about 600 words through Chapter 7 of The Life That Late He Led: most everything after “The doctor will see you shortly” came to me at about 3 am Sunday, and I duly got out of bed and typed it up. A few editing passes that evening, and it was ready to go. Incidentally, TLTLHL is… (more…)