Monthly Archives: October 2014

Not even a Flutterbat

Trick-or-treaters were down about 75 percent from last year, for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom. For now, I’m going with “too many clouds in the way of the moon,” which sounds more plausible than, say, blaming it on Taylor Swift.

No pegasi involved

When first I heard the name Lightning Dust, it was the name of Rainbow Dash’s chief rival in the Wonderbolts Academy episode, a pony every bit as headstrong as Dash, and even more reckless, implausible as that might have seemed halfway through Season Three. Then someone recommended a song by an outfit called Lightning Dust, which I took to be… (more…)

I missed the first year

Pony as we know it — in other words, the premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic — began on this date four years ago. (10/10/10. A magical incantation in digital form? Who knows?) It was nearly Season Two before I came on board, though by the time Season Two started I had long since caught myself up. Never… (more…)