Monthly Archives: December 2014

Another one of those Minor Milestones

I continue to be amazed that The Sparkle Chronicles still draws readers, two and a half years after its unveiling. It was my first Almost Novella ever — I’d done some short-short stuff before, none of it in this particular universe — and I had no reason to expect a favorable response to it. Yet there it is: twenty-five hundred… (more…)

Technically these aren’t ponies

For legal reasons, I’m sure: Tiny Horsies is a traditional “pen and paper” RPG. It has official rules, characters, adventures and statistics that change as a character grows in skill and experience. A Game Master leads the game. Each player designs his or her character according to the rules. Players maintain their character’s statistics and display them in their signature.… (more…)

The argument for romance

Author Patty Jansen is not a big romance fan herself, but she wants you to write it anyway: I think to be able to write contemporary romance is a great skill. Genre books often have romantic subplots, and it’s not unusual that the romance feels forced. Moreover, it’s likely that genre books have characters, and that you’d like the characters… (more…)

Time apparently is not on my side

I took four days off, and didn’t add so much as a paragraph to the Works In Progress. At the next available opportunity, I’m taking fourteen days off. We’ll see if that helps.