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Straight out of Canterlot High

So I started typing “sonata dusk” into the Google search box, and the very first suggestion was “sonata dusk taco.” I suppose I should have expected that, since the third was “sonata dusk taco tuesday.” And I thought about it some more, and it dawned on me that historically, the day on which tacos are served chez Sage has been… (more…)

There’s always another another fan

Here's Proof That Miley Cyrus Is A #Brony — MandoMommy (@MandoMommy) January 14, 2015 I think this falls under the heading of Redeeming Social Value.

There’s always another fan

Cameron Aubernon writes for The Truth About Cars; she also writes occasional pony fanfic. Once in a while those two universes will intersect: Is the standard color palette for the 2015 Dodge Viper not enough for you? Have you looked at your child’s Twilight Sparkle and Sonata Dusk brushables and thought to yourself, “Those hair colors might look good on… (more…)