Monthly Archives: March 2015

For great silliness

At least part of my spring lethargy is due (and “due” is the operative word) to the Internal Revenue Service, and when I managed to finish all the paperwork, I left a little sub-300-word sketch as a blog post on Fimfic. It occurred to me that it might as well be here as well, so here it is: Meanwhile at… (more…)

So it’s not actually my fault

Plucked from the tweetstream: .@galaxygroove1 Not true. I do not watch MLP because I miss it. — Lauren Faust (@Fyre_flye) March 18, 2015 As long as I’m reading Faust, here’s the current version of her Twitter bio: Helping provide ass-kicking kindergartners, friendly figments, small magical equines, super teenage teams and snake haired freaks for all your animation needs A high… (more…)

It was an inspired guess

Various gestures by airlines toward pony fans have been gratifying — I know I was delighted by this one — but Sprocket counsels caution: It’s fun that all of these airlines are tweeting jokes about a flight to Equestria. However, it is important to stay grounded in reality, and remember that airplanes can’t actually get you there. The real way… (more…)

I may have been right about something

After reading all 432,377 words of Background Pony by shortskirtsandexplosions, I declared that someday it would appear on college reading lists. It hasn’t happened yet, but the larger issue — is there a place for pony stories on a formal syllabus? — has been answered in the affirmative. ENG 222 at Princeton is titled Fanfiction: Transformative Works from Shakespeare to… (more…)