Monthly Archives: April 2015

Nothing but the dead and dying

About three years ago, I turned out a little one-shot story called Dead Pony Flying, hoping to see if it was possible to do a story about death in the MLP:FiM universe that wasn’t actually sad. Now the mothership in Vancouver has shoved this premise several degrees out of phase. Tanks for the Memories almost certainly is intended as a… (more…)


Dear Apple Bloom: After six years on Twitter, I can testify that the little buzzing bastards [whoops, sorry about that] are very real indeed, even if few of them are actual insects, if you know what I mean, and I think you will in due time. And besides, Babs was destined for those scissors.

Cutie Marxism

And that’s the first two episodes of Season Five in a nutshell. Got that, ponies? Now get in line and behave yourselves. Here’s the original of that poster. Thanks to Mystic Alpha for the picture and to Jared Sealey for the title.