Monthly Archives: May 2015

Properly revisionist

That Treehugger business, revisited: Around other ponies, she was Treehugger, the cryptozoologist hippie pony. To her colleagues at the Agency, she was Agent T, tasked with controlling infectious invaders in Equestria. She had managed to gain admittance to the Gala by using her powers of persuasion on an ordinary pony — in fact, a rather weak-minded ordinary pony, if a… (more…)

The question of the ages

The lovely and talented Mindy Kaling served up this semi-zinger last night: Love means never having to say "hey, are we dating?" — Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) May 22, 2015 You may remember this from Chapter 5 of The Sparkle Chronicles: I shrugged. “Why does any couple fight? So they can make up later.” Her eyes grew wide. “Are we a… (more…)

Suddenly it’s 1967

I admit to being somewhat mystified that Natasha Levinger, who wrote “Make Friends but Keep Discord” — worst episode title of the entire series, if you ask me — had come up with a character who was obviously patterned on that most mysterious of humanoids, the hippie chick. Now I’m old enough to have known actual hippie chicks in Real… (more…)

What goes up, and so forth

On the upside, Somepony New, the third TwiBrush tale (though the second one written), has reached the magical 1000-viewer mark at Fimfiction. On the downside, the WordPress Jetpack gizmo reports that the most popular search here in recent days was “fimfiction pregnant midsection.” I suspect this is payback for having acted at some point like I actually understood pony anatomy.