Monthly Archives: August 2015

In sameness there is peace

I keep going back to this, because not everypony seems to get the point: Free yourself from your cutie mark by voting for Starlight Glimmer in 2016! As the equalist candidate, Starlight Glimmer invites all of America to experience true friendship for the very first time. The only way to be happy is if we’re all equal! I figure, if… (more…)

Shatner says so

And who am I to argue with the likes of William Shatner? Admitting you have an addiction is the first step! Remember, Friendship is magic! — William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) August 5, 2015 This got the attention of directorial type Jim Miller, and it didn’t take long for all this to show up on EqD. Speculation went way past rampant… (more…)