Monthly Archives: November 2015

Distant memory

For a couple of years now, I have contended that the single most transcendent work of fiction yet produced by the ponyverse was Background Pony by shortskirtsandexplosions, an epic running 430,000 words, not anywhere near the longest story to come from the fandom, but one of the deepest. The official description: “My name is Lyra Heartstrings, and you will not… (more…)

Canon fodder

The ponyverse as we know it, overwhelmingly huge as it may seem at times, is still pretty small compared to some of those Other Fandoms, though most of them had a substantial head start: G4 began a mere 61 months ago. (If you question that word “mere,” come back when you’ve lived twelve times that long.) Being newish and smallish,… (more…)

As though I had readers or something

We’re only a week into November, and already two EqD Drawfriends have yielded up pictures that could have been, but almost certainly weren’t, suggested by stuff I wrote. The first of them was a now-and-later picture of Twist, the “later” portion of which is about the way I imagined a 52-year-old Twist in The way she used to be, up… (more…)

No longer seeing stars

There is turmoil in the Twitterverse, or at least some segments of it, over this: We are changing our star icon for favorites to a heart and we’ll be calling them likes. We want to make Twitter easier and more rewarding to use, and we know that at times the star could be confusing, especially to newcomers. You might like… (more…)