Monthly Archives: December 2015

Apparently I can be replaced

By a neural network, no less: Via @rsalakhu: Taught neural net to write romance stories. Close, but "…leaving people scattered…" #mkt4intel — Michael Chui (@mchui) December 15, 2015 Okay, maybe I write a little better than that. But the machines are advancing far faster than I am.

From the “I Know What I Like” files

A Fimfiction user, in the Personal Description segment: “I like my Romance sickening sweet and my Comedy breathtaking hilarious.” Three different bookshelves belonging to this user contain The Sparkle Chronicles. I guess that’s a review right there.

A Glimmer of retconning

How The Cutie Re-Mark should have ended, according to longtime fan Erin Palette: Twilight, realizing that Starlight Glimmer is pathological, decides that she needs to go back in time and prevent the childhood trauma from happening (basically, a pony version of Let’s Kill Baby Hitler). So Twilight uses her special talent in magic — remember, she was promoted to princess… (more…)