Monthly Archives: January 2016

Star equivalence

A couple of weeks ago, I got semi-boastful about the 99-6 thumbs up/thumbs down ratio accorded The Sparkle Chronicles by Fimfiction readers. Now that the 100th upturned digit has arrived, and in view of the fact that I’ve reviewed a few books on of late, I have been wondering how this would equate to an Amazon star ratio. The… (more…)

By now I should be insufferable

Over at Fimfiction, The Sparkle Chronicles got its 3000th reader today. I am somewhere between delighted and disturbed: while I am grateful that this novella (well, it is) is finding an audience, and a largely favorable audience at that — current Thumb Ratio is 99 up/6 down — it’s precipitated a small outbreak of Non sum dignus. This is, of… (more…)

I blame changelings

After problems getting into the site, I decided to hang around the back door, and found some highly dubious code injected into the front page. Not sure what it was for, but it can’t be good, so I replaced an obviously bad file with a backup. Performance has improved markedly. (The site’s performance, I mean; I’m the same slug I’ve… (more…)

Another digit

I am at least slightly amazed that I’ve been doing this for three and a half years. And if I’m not as productive as I might have hoped I’d be, I’ve somehow managed to pick up a few fans. To all of you, may your new year be bright and full of promise, and twelve months from now, may those… (more…)