A Glimmer of retconning

How The Cutie Re-Mark should have ended, according to longtime fan Erin Palette:

Twilight, realizing that Starlight Glimmer is pathological, decides that she needs to go back in time and prevent the childhood trauma from happening (basically, a pony version of Let’s Kill Baby Hitler). So Twilight uses her special talent in magic — remember, she was promoted to princess when she fixed a spell that Starswirl the Gandalf Bearded couldn’t do — to modify this other Starswirl spell and goes back to Starlight Glimmer’s past. There, Twilight shows her how to make new friends, and halts the creation of the nascent sociopath. Starlight Glimmer makes new friends and understands that friendship is the most powerful magic of all. Bam, problem solved in a proper pony manner and it makes sense.

Or, perhaps, they could have made it a story about The Great and Powerful Trixie.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    Heh: “Bitchicorn.” I generally don’t like to use that word but here I think it fits, and I will forever think of SG that way.

    I have gone on record before as saying I don’t trust her “rehabilitation” one bit, and it seems too easy and too fast. Perhaps there’s some kind of “No Ponies Go To Tartarus” rule that exists for the show, though.

    And Erin’s point is a good one: Were SG’s parents just so monumentally self-absorbed that they didn’t SEE what was happening to their kid? (Then again: what were Stalin’s parents like?)

    But the idea of going back in time and effectively “killing baby Hitler” by “killing” the dictatorial part of her (by helping her to make friends) would have been a handier cure, though then I wonder what would have happened with other things – maybe Double Diamond et al would never have met and become friends. Or maybe some Greater Evil would have been unleashed on the world. I’m guessing the writers didn’t want to wade into that swamp.

    I’m just really hoping we don’t see Twi withdraw into an Ivory Tower next season and Starlight wind up taking her place as the Student of Friendship. Or, for that matter, for there to be a Mane Seven. (Sorry. I just really don’t like Starlight)

  2. DS says:

    I found this on Fimfiction, commenting on a favorable review of the episode:

    Starlight was never evil. At least, not at heart. She was just misguided, and as any psychologist will tell you, childhood trauma, no matter how minor it may seem, can sow a lot of nasty seeds in kids’ heads that will later manifest in destructive ways. It wasn’t until Twilight showed up and took away her supposed utopia that she went full Dark Side, and even then she was just trying to do unto Twilight as she felt Twilight did unto her. And like you said, the fact that seeing the full consequences of her actions was enough to snap her out of it wasn’t at all unbelievable to me.

    I’m, um, a little more skeptical.

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