An idea kicking around

It’s not my idea, but it makes a certain amount of sense to me:

Pinkie Pie had been turned into a unicorn and got unicorn powers. One of her powers was that when any ponies were arguing, she could encase them in a pink bubble (kind of like the “force field” Twilight makes sometimes) and zap them off to some other dimension, and they only came back when they had successfully resolved the argument.

(I could actually see somehow spinning this up into a fanfic. Line from the story: after she comes back from her argument with Applejack, Rainbow Dash looks at Pinkie and says, “What the TARTARUS, Pinkie Pie?!?! Don’t ever do that again!”)

Now that’s what I call a time out.

Then again, nopony really knows what Pinkie is capable of as an earth pony; they may not even have to give her a horn.

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