And then there’s Maud

Maud Pie, older sister to Pinkie Pie

   Come on, rock my world, so to speak

Finally, at long last, a pony who reminds me of me — or at least, my idealized version of me, preternaturally calm and unapologetically monomaniacal. This is Pinkie Pie’s big sister Maud Pie, and her debut today, in a brilliant episode by MLP:FiM newcomer Noelle Benvenuti, was something worth celebrating. (The title I used here came to me almost immediately; I’m not too proud to admit that it also came to the compilers of the MLP:FiM Wiki.) Had I been visiting Ponyville on that day, I surely would have crushed badly on her. (And if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to crush badly on somepony while visiting Ponyville, you probably ought to read The way she used to be.)

Still, one thing bothers me. Pinkie, unlike most cast members, has a middle name: in full, she’s Pinkamena Diane Pie. Surely Maud, coming from the same family and all, has a middle name of her own. What if it’s (shudder) Lynn?

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