Nothing lasts forever

I do wish, though, that Hasbro had left us some recovery time before plunging ahead into Generation Five. Not that they have any reason to care what I think.

Thoughts on a Dazzling

This was prompted by the arrival of an Adagio Dazzle figure: And yeah, I get that she was a “bad guy” but you know? Maybe they get their chance to be reformed before the end of the series. (One of the ways in which MLP is maybe “Christian without actually being Christian” is the idea that “villains” can potentially repent… (more…)

Still somewhat blocked

If a story runs from Point A to Point Z, I’ve done my job. What I haven’t been able to do so far is get past Point R: I know where I want to end up, but I still haven’t figured out how to get there.

Serious blockage

I think my Muse is about to sue me for nonsupport.

Check out any time you like

This question turned up on Quora the other day: “You have been teleported into the world of My Little Pony. How do you get out of there?” “Get out of there? Why?” I wondered as I pondered my answer, but this chap pretty much anticipated everything I would have said: Why would I want to leave? I mean, the aesthetics… (more…)

We should have seen it coming

I think a lot of us figured that after the truncated third season, that would have been it, and when we were proven wrong, we sort of lost track of the idea that nothing lasts forever. Then again, the end of the TV series means — well, they’re not telling us yet.

Wanted: pony, single and free

Okay, maybe “single” is unnecessary here. But while we’re talking want ads, this question appeared on Quora: Would unicorns be hired more for jobs than other ponies? I gave a somewhat perfunctory response, but this one, I think, is better: If you look closely, the show takes an entirely literal “separate but equal” approach to racial issues as a whole… (more…)

Everypony does it

A bit of Relevant Linguistics here: Normally, adjectives appear between the noun and any preceding elements such as quantifiers and determiners, as in phrases like “every tall man” or “any nice people.” Adjectives modifying indefinite pronouns, on the other hand, occur to the right of the pronoun, deriving orders such as “somebody nice” or “anything interesting”. This is typically degraded… (more…)

Into a different light

Back in the day, we knew Chris Heron as “TheDashDub,” and he put out lots and lots of pony songs. He’s venturing into film and videogame scoring these days. “Journey” is his tribute to the justly famed soundtrack of the 2012 game Journey, composed by Austin Wintory; all by itself, it might be enough to get you to dust off… (more…)

You can’t get here from there

According to WordPress’ semi-handy tool Jetpack, 134,912 bogus logins have been caught so far. An awful lot of questionable activity for a mere six and a half years.

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