How does this make me feel?

“How does this make you feel?” asked jesting Sethisto. Of course, it reminded me of the goodbye scene in Chapter Six of The Sparkle Chronicles: “…the old man and the young unicorn engaged in what had to be one of the all-time great kisses.” And of course, that’s a pegasus in the picture, but no matter; I know how my… (more…)

Moving right along

I have done just about all I can with Chapter 2 of The Life That Late He Led, and I pushed it up to FIMFiction late last night. It was a difficult chapter, even if about half of it was reworked from the original Chapter 1 that was withdrawn; the potential for emotional turmoil was definitely on the high side.… (more…)

Back of the pack

FIMFiction’s knighty announced that he’d added some new stuff to the Statistics page, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a look, even though I am a minor contributor at best. Total word count has surpassed 700 million, and is rising rapidly: it might hit a billion by the end of the year. (My own word count is 57,078,… (more…)

Resubmission accomplished

Once again, The Life That Late He Led is up on FIMFiction. At least one reader seemed to like it this time.

I’m trying to decide if this matters

There’s exactly one theater showing Equestria Girls in the entire freaking state. Do I really want to make a 130-mile trip?

They don’t do it for me

A reminder from Scootareader at The Daily Oat: One thing that many find difficult to grasp is that they are not part of the most important group. We love ponies and we look forward to ponies, but our desires are secondary. Little girls are more important to Hasbro than us when it comes to their show because this audience represents… (more…)

A market for this kind of stuff

I can think of a thousand stories in the ponyverse — I have nearly that many “favourites” anointed at Fimfiction — I’d rather read than my own, but damn me if I didn’t warm to the idea of turning the TwiBrush tales into an ebook: Fan fiction, in which aficionados of existing books and movies write characters into new storylines,… (more…)

It’s now or never

Okay, I’ve been working on The Life That Late He Led for two months now. It’s time I let Fimfiction look at it. First chapter has been submitted. (Word count: 5696 according to this editor, 5946 on theirs.) I’ll post the Fimlink when the story is approved. Update: Given the utterly negative reaction to this tale, I’ve pulled it back… (more…)

Working on it

The Life That Late He Led is now up to the point where it can be legitimately considered a Work In Progress. The catchall link is here.

Reimagining TwiBrush

I have decided to continue the series to a fourth story, which will incorporate a reshuffling of the timeline due to Twilight’s recent, um, promotion. (I am not retconning the earlier stuff, because I don’t think it needs it; if I work this thing correctly, it won’t matter.) Several items, of necessity, will have to be deleted; I have a… (more…)