It’s now or never

Okay, I’ve been working on The Life That Late He Led for two months now. It’s time I let Fimfiction look at it. First chapter has been submitted. (Word count: 5696 according to this editor, 5946 on theirs.) I’ll post the Fimlink when the story is approved. Update: Given the utterly negative reaction to this tale, I’ve pulled it back… (more…)

Working on it

The Life That Late He Led is now up to the point where it can be legitimately considered a Work In Progress. The catchall link is here.

Reimagining TwiBrush

I have decided to continue the series to a fourth story, which will incorporate a reshuffling of the timeline due to Twilight’s recent, um, promotion. (I am not retconning the earlier stuff, because I don’t think it needs it; if I work this thing correctly, it won’t matter.) Several items, of necessity, will have to be deleted; I have a… (more…)

On the to-do list

At some point, I suppose I’m going to have to rework the TwiBrush timeline to reflect her new winged self. Brush, for his part, doesn’t seem to mind: “There would be adjustments, surely, but I would love her even if she got busted back to Magic Kindergarten, or whatever it’s called.” I would expect nothing less from this pony, of… (more…)

Apologies of a sort

I’ve neglected this place of late, but then I haven’t had a whole lot to say, and no compelling story idea are forthcoming. There will be works in progress eventually. Really.

Possibly usable

Naming consultant Nancy Friedman has happened upon a software gizmo to benefit those of us who write pony tales: I don’t get the appeal of My Little Pony even on a meta-meta-ironic level, but I am not you, and you, for all I know, may be a brony. In that case, knock yourself out with Ponify, a browser extension “which… (more…)

And you give yourself away

I’m still scratching around for story ideas. Apparently, though, I can recommend them to others more easily than I can recommend them to myself. A wannabe author at Yahoo! Answers was asking for story ideas involving Rainbow Dash, and in a surprisingly small amount of time I had this proposal on the table: Dash discovers a couple of grey feathers… (more…)

The name matches the flank

This is something I wrote about elsewhere three years ago on the subject of Thomas Crapper, vendor (if not necessarily the inventor) of flush toilets, and the unusual appropriateness of his surname: John Bemelmans Marciano, in his book Anonyponymous: The Forgotten People Behind Everyday Words (New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2009), advances this intriguing hypothesis: “It does seem fair to question,… (more…)

A bow to the fans

I’m not about to go full Sally Field on you, but several someponies apparently really like me: somehow today I recorded my 2,000th story read at FIMFiction. Who’d have thought that my modest little contributions would draw any kind of audience at all, let alone that much? Next milestone: to see The Sparkle Chronicles hit a thousand by itself. (It’s… (more…)

Actual plaudits

Kind words for The way she used to be, from FIMFiction member Martian: An incredibly deep and beautiful story, criminally under-appreciated. I had no idea it was that good. I may have to read it myself.