Back of the pack

FIMFiction’s knighty announced that he’d added some new stuff to the Statistics page, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a look, even though I am a minor contributor at best.

Total word count has surpassed 700 million, and is rising rapidly: it might hit a billion by the end of the year. (My own word count is 57,078, which is not rising all that rapidly.) There are about 93,000 users in all, which works out to about 8000 words per user; of course, not all users are actually writing, though once I’d signed in, a little over a year ago, it became obvious that I’d have to write something.

Unsurprisingly, My Little Dashie has collected the most Favourites: 8,261. Of the top five, I’ve read four. Surprisingly, The Sparkle Chronicles, my own signature story, has managed to garner 75 favourites. (I had guessed about 45-50.)

Pen Stroke, the author of Past Sins, #3 on Most Favourites, has the most watchers/followers: 3,841. (I have forty-nine.)

Now I’m not complaining. I’m basically a garage band thrown into the marketplace with John, Paul, George and Ringo. But I can’t help but wonder if I’d be a bit higher on name recognition if I had more time to devote to this sort of thing.

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