There have been several stories over the years about youngsters whose interests in this fandom have gotten them snubbed, beaten up, or worse. What you don’t see so often on the news are the kids whose interest in this fandom is deliberately thwarted by their parents for some arcane reason.

Bricann, who signed up to FimFiction about six months after I did, had four stories going, the best of which was This Day Has Been Just Perfect, which posited an alternate ending for A Canterlot Wedding: suppose Twilight Sparkle and the real Princess Cadance never escaped from the caverns under Canterlot Mountain? The story got a modest number of reads (600 or so) and thumbs up from me.

But bricann is being forced to withdraw:

Dear readers,

I know many of you have been waiting for new chapters of different stories. Unfortunately, my parents have forbidden me to go on this website ever again. I’m not even supposed to be doing this now. I wish I could do more but I cannot. So, I will no longer be posting stories or new chapters to previous stories. I am EXTREMELY sorry for everything. I wish my parents didn’t care about me watching My Little Pony and me going to this website. But they do and I am forbidden. My most sincere apologies to all of you waiting for new chapters. This will be the last activity of bricann forever. I am sorry again to all of you and I truly hope that this will not be the entire end. BMAGIC678 is working and continuing When the Moon is Full for me. I am hoping you all can understand and I appreciate all of you who have supported me throughout my time on FimFiction.

My Sincere Apologies,


Celestia only knows what must have been going through their heads when they ordered bricann’s disapperance. I’m reasonably certain, though, that their objections were some combination of misguided and risible.

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