There exists a short (1527 words) story titled A Letter to the Griffon Emperor on the Matter of War, which is exactly that: a nastygram from Twilight Sparkle that informs Emperor Tail Feather that should he try anything, he will not like the results.

It’s nicely written, though I’m thinking that a good example of sabre-rattling should not include a list of the locations and present conditions of all available sabres. Twilight is not given to hyperbole, mostly, so I can understand why she’d enumerate a list of Equestrian ordnance; still, one should not tell the enemy where one’s strengths lie, unless it’s possible to assume that said enemy is dumber than a sack of wet mice. I don’t think this can be assumed of the griffons.

Meanwhile, over 300 comments have been generated, covering pretty much the full spectrum from “war is awful” to “sow their fields with salt”; infighting in the comments is now about twenty times the size of the story itself. My own belief — should you have to go to war, and most of the time you don’t, you are obligated to carry it out in a manner both thorough and ruthless, or you’re just wanking about — is probably irrelevant.

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