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Time well spent

I liked this observation by Scootareader over at The Daily Oat: Thinking logically about it, there would be far more free time in my day if I hadn’t filled it with ponies. This is a choice, not an obligation; perhaps all addicts say that about their problems, but I think that watching an educational, entertaining show for girls is ultimately… (more…)

The has-beens of Hasbro

AdAge considers Hasbro vs. Mattel, and their time machine pops a spring or something: The company is also putting more stock into girls’ brands, which saw a 29% jump in sales in the third quarter. After the success of TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, (which at one point had a substantial male following) Hasbro decided to extend… (more…)

That Season 4 premiere

I don’t want to get too spoiler-y here just yet, but I’ll say this much: I didn’t look away from the screen even once in the whole 44 (or whatever) minutes, and any time a deus is stuffed back into the machina indefinitely is fine with me.

Eclectic slide

The Consumerist today warned against potential household hazards, one of which merits mention here: “Small throw rugs are basically lying in wait for you to stumble over them.” Which of course was a plot point, so to speak, in The Sparkle Chronicles: It was a simple box step. I figured I couldn’t mess that up. And the music was slow… (more…)

Unconscious hilarity

As a rule, spammers exert as little effort as necessary, though sometimes they kick it up a notch. These three items were sitting in the bin, motivated evidently by references to Twilight, the series by Stephenie Meyer, which here of course would actually have been references to Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic and all-around Good Pony. I pass them on… (more…)

An improbable goal

What I’d really like to do is pile up my 5000th story read before Season 4 starts on the 23rd. It’s possible, but perhaps not likely: as if this writing, I’m at 4708. (Prediction: 4825. More if I actually get a chapter completed.)

No reason I can see

But today was the busiest day in the history of this site, which means hardly anything in the grand scheme of things, but which tells me that it is now known to exist. On the off chance that somepony might come back, therefore, I’m going to have to actually do something once in a while.

On the third anniversary

If you tell a casual acquaintance that pony has changed your life, you will get glances askance — if you’re lucky. My friends already know. And even if they’re not similarly moved, they understand what all this means to me. Scoffers, of course, will point out that a lot of this fandom is based on pure, simple, ordinary wish-fulfillment fantasy.… (more…)

On the question of design

Well, I got through another WordPress update without having to re-tweak the theme. Now this theme was chosen for several reasons — most notably, it looks vaguely dry, and it’s not particularly easy to read — but it’s still current, and therefore it’s subject to change should its author see fit, and should that happen, I have to go back… (more…)

EqG reviewed

But not by me. And I wanted this final paragraph spread around a bit: I really hope that this Flash Sentry thing isn’t the start of a story line that will involve Twilight having a boyfriend and eventually husband, because (a) getting married is sure to get her and Flash shipped off to rule some kingdom and (b) it would… (more…)