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Time apparently is not on my side

I took four days off, and didn’t add so much as a paragraph to the Works In Progress. At the next available opportunity, I’m taking fourteen days off. We’ll see if that helps.

Not even a Flutterbat

Trick-or-treaters were down about 75 percent from last year, for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom. For now, I’m going with “too many clouds in the way of the moon,” which sounds more plausible than, say, blaming it on Taylor Swift.

No pegasi involved

When first I heard the name Lightning Dust, it was the name of Rainbow Dash’s chief rival in the Wonderbolts Academy episode, a pony every bit as headstrong as Dash, and even more reckless, implausible as that might have seemed halfway through Season Three. Then someone recommended a song by an outfit called Lightning Dust, which I took to be… (more…)

I missed the first year

Pony as we know it — in other words, the premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic — began on this date four years ago. (10/10/10. A magical incantation in digital form? Who knows?) It was nearly Season Two before I came on board, though by the time Season Two started I had long since caught myself up. Never… (more…)

Meanwhile at Canterlot High

After days of dodging spoilers left and right, I dragged myself to the theater this morning to see the second Equestria Girls feature, Rainbow Rocks, half hoping it had something to do with Maud Pie, because rocks. And I admit that I haven’t seen a sequel so much better than the original since The Wrath of Khan. Not that the… (more…)

Twice the venues

Last year, exactly one theater in 68,000 square miles was carrying Equestria Girls. Rainbow Rocks has managed to interest a second moviehouse, for a single showing, and this one’s within five miles of humble Sage Manor. I have already secured a seat, through the miracle of the Internet, based on one simple observation: that first theater, 65 miles away, has… (more…)

Dubious expertise

Some yahoo posted this to Yahoo! Answers: “Do unicorns have sex?” This was the alleged Best Answer: Simple: No Unicorns don’t have sex organs- they’re too amazing If you’ve clearly watched My Little Pony, obviously, you can see that if the ponies love each other, then they’ll magically have a child Mr and Mrs cakes proved that theory Unicorns reproduce… (more…)

Verging on adorkable

This is too funny not to pass on: 100% true story today while @ my yearly check-up Doc: "You're a Jewish girl that likes to have sex?! You must be a unicorn!!!" Actually.. — tara strong (@tarastrong) August 13, 2014 Admittedly, some times it’s more obvious than others.

Sudden flood

Wednesday of this past week, this site recorded 60 page views, which is about 15 times the usual. I have no idea what’s going on, since I posted nothing new that day. Ideas?

Six K

I’m as surprised as you are: