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The dangers of off-the-hoof calculations

Rarity says to Desert Brush in Chapter 3 of The Life That Late He Led: “My dear fellow, you’re in a world where the mares outnumber the stallions four to one, and you have a mare all to yourself. You should be doing a great deal better than everypony else.” This conflicts with Twilight Sparkle’s declaration in The Sparkle Chronicles,… (more…)

Yesterday was Friday

Those of you who know me from elsewhere know that in addition to my indulgence in that which is pony, I am also a fan of teenage singer Rebecca Black, she who spread the Gospel of Friday (first commandment: “Gotta get down”) back in 2011 and was virtually pilloried for it. Today, you should know, is her 17th birthday. What… (more…)

Meanwhile at DHX

Everypony’s favorite animation house is about to revive an old live-action favorite: Canadian kids entertainment content firm DHX Media is banking on new Teletubby mania as it unveils plans to produce 60 new episodes of Teletubbies for CBeebies. The move follows DHX Media last year acquiring Teletubbies owner Ragdoll Worldwide from BBC Worldwide and an investor group including founder Anne… (more…)

One of those family things

I’ll never live down the shame of having once pronounced Bonnie Zacherle’s last name as “Zach-earl”. It’s “Zach-uh-lee”. #BadPony — Foal Papers (@foalpapers) June 8, 2014 Bonnie Zacherle, of course, is the creator of the My Little Pony toy line, which debuted way back in the 1980s. And only then did my up-way-past-bedtime brain make the obvious connection. This is… (more…)

Beyond Rarity

EqD made a fuss over a fraction of the Social Security Administration’s annual baby-names list: Probably not influenced by ponies, but it’s interesting to see that Rarity is [in] a list of baby names! Though I think Rarity would have something to say to people thinking her name is outrageous. Of course, the list they consulted contained the names that… (more…)

I find this somehow gratifying

Last Saturday, 632,000 people (age 2 and up) were watching Fox News, slightly more than the next two cable-news outlets combined. Meanwhile, 788,000 people (age 2 and up) were watching Twilight Sparkle figuratively kicking Tirek’s flank. (I mean, she didn’t actually kick him, though I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had.) Then again, there’s generally more truth in 22… (more…)

And now, the analyses

StatManDan reviews the two-part “Twilight’s Kingdom” at Derpy News, and while no one has yet touched on my major quibble — “Kingdom”? Since when does Equestria have kings? — there are more important issues lurking, and Telofy hits on the biggest one: My qualm with the episode was that Twilight appears to make a decision to sacrifice all of ponykind… (more…)

Wrapping up Season Four

Today we learned that: Somepony has seen Dragon Ball; Discord is even more complicated than we thought; Long memories abound; This is going to be awfully hard to work into The Life That Late He Led.   That said: Season Five, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Addendum: This seems to sum it up nicely: Well that escalated… (more…)

There will be no further embarrassment

If you’ve ever sidled up to the counter, looked both ways, dropped your voice several decibels and begged for a pony in your Happy Meal, well, Mickey D is looking out for your interests, kinda sorta: McDonald’s may indeed be moving forward on its promise to retrain its employees about how to deal with gender and Happy Meals. Earlier this… (more…)

Playing defense

I occasionally hang out at Yahoo Answers, there being a small number of topics about which I know a lot, or appear to know a lot, which is nearly as good; the other day, this question was posed, and I was sufficiently incensed to respond. “Is it weird for a 20 year old male to be a brony?” Im concerned… (more…)