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Winter having been wrapped up

You’ve probably seen this — it got its own post at EqD — but if you haven’t, well, this is a travelogue like no other. I kept hoping Fleur Dis Lee would pop in.


There have been several stories over the years about youngsters whose interests in this fandom have gotten them snubbed, beaten up, or worse. What you don’t see so often on the news are the kids whose interest in this fandom is deliberately thwarted by their parents for some arcane reason. Bricann, who signed up to FimFiction about six months after… (more…)

More ponies!

A friend with a mantle full of ponies explains how she’ll never run out of room: Yes, I don’t need more ponies. Except I kind of do. It’s funny how much power this silly thing has to make me happy. I can’t quite explain why it does — when asked, I kind of wave my hands and talk about how… (more…)

And then there’s Maud

Finally, at long last, a pony who reminds me of me — or at least, my idealized version of me, preternaturally calm and unapologetically monomaniacal. This is Pinkie Pie’s big sister Maud Pie, and her debut today, in a brilliant episode by MLP:FiM newcomer Noelle Benvenuti, was something worth celebrating. (The title I used here came to me almost immediately;… (more…)

According to schedule

For some reason, I seem to post new chapters to Fimfiction more often on Saturday night than at any other time. I’m not sure why: it gets the update off the front page quickly enough, but it also seems to attract detractors. (I hadn’t had a reader on The Life That Late He Led in two days; after posting Chapter… (more…)

Now this is scary

The WordPress stats package, as implemented here — your mileage may vary — contains a call-out of the Top Searches of the last few days. For absolutely no reason I can think of, the current Top Search is “dusty sage sex.” Admittedly, two of the four TwiBrush Tales are tagged “sex” at Fimfiction, but neither is particularly explicit, and The… (more…)

Look out, filly

Somepony was asking which of the fan-made songs was my favorite, and after a couple of nanoseconds I came up with this one: Replacer has also done a ponified “Let ’em In.”

Non-random numbers

On the off-chance that somepony might be curious, a few site statistics: Number of days this site has existed: 570 Number of views: 2,137 Number of views per day: 3.75 Busiest day: 30 October 2013 (85 views) Least-busy day: rather a lot of zeroes Number of days it took me to add “somepony” to the spellchecker: 570

Linear thinking

You see, Twilight Sparkle isn’t difficult to understand at all: (Found unsourced at Derpibooru.)

Eww, girls!

Hasbro is just now catching on to the idea that their top “girls’ show” is outdrawing just about everything else, and Equestria Girls notwithstanding, corporate is loath to drive the boys away. Now suppose it had gone the other way, with massive numbers of girls watching, say, Transformers. Would they panic? Probably not. Then you look at Paul Dini’s Tower… (more…)