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Looking for Pinkameaning

Now and then, somepony asks if there’s a story segment of which I’m particularly proud. I deny it, of course. But now and then something I wrote strikes me as Not That Terrible, and this, from late in Chapter 2 of The way she used to be, might even make it up to Not Bad At All: “You miss her… (more…)

It’s always there somehow

During my recent confinement, I was at least somewhat amused by what appeared to be slight interest in my pony stories, exhibited by members of hospital staff. By far, the most popular was The way she used to be, which makes sense to me: it’s probably the least supernatural-ish tale I wrote.

Well, almost

Celebrated author Lesley Nneka Arimah falls victim to the dreaded Autocorrect: I find myself drawn to and inspired by works that deal with the relationships between women. Take, for example, My Little Pony (the reboot, obviously), which follows a cast of female ponies who fight to save their universe. It’s a world where the heroes are women, the villains are… (more…)

Thoroughly Scrooged

I will happily concede that A Hearth’s Warming Eve Tail was properly Dickensian. Now I wonder how many other public-domain stories will be ponified before MLP:FiM finally screeches to a halt. And if they do get around to doing The Brothers Karamazov, clearly Twilight Sparkle should be the Ivan character. That said, there’s a definite tendency in this series to… (more…)

Touched by the purple

I really didn’t expect this, and when I saw it, I didn’t expect it to be good. It’s actually better than that. Rarity muses on the death of an artist, and this is the part that sells it: He was never old because he never allowed himself to be old. When one of his selves seemed to be showing the… (more…)

Let no man put a tsundere

Okay, we’ll let this one slide by, just this once: I am of course amazed that they somehow managed to impart a Self-Absorbed Teenager look to an actual dragon, but hey, what do I know about dragons? (Here’s the original by Doctor-G.)

Well, he is kind of dumb

A startling disclosure from She Who Is: .@pavelbodrenkov Twilight's true love was meant to be an earth pony named Stud Muffin. His cutie mark is a dumbbell. — Lauren Faust (@Fyre_flye) March 27, 2016 Now I feel better about The Sparkle Chronicles.

Star equivalence

A couple of weeks ago, I got semi-boastful about the 99-6 thumbs up/thumbs down ratio accorded The Sparkle Chronicles by Fimfiction readers. Now that the 100th upturned digit has arrived, and in view of the fact that I’ve reviewed a few books on of late, I have been wondering how this would equate to an Amazon star ratio. The… (more…)

By now I should be insufferable

Over at Fimfiction, The Sparkle Chronicles got its 3000th reader today. I am somewhere between delighted and disturbed: while I am grateful that this novella (well, it is) is finding an audience, and a largely favorable audience at that — current Thumb Ratio is 99 up/6 down — it’s precipitated a small outbreak of Non sum dignus. This is, of… (more…)

Apparently I can be replaced

By a neural network, no less: Via @rsalakhu: Taught neural net to write romance stories. Close, but "…leaving people scattered…" #mkt4intel — Michael Chui (@mchui) December 15, 2015 Okay, maybe I write a little better than that. But the machines are advancing far faster than I am.