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At length

Novelist Marko Kloos, shortly after completing the third book in his Frontlines series: Show me a million-word novel, and I’ll show you a novel in dire need of an editorial disemboweling. I shuddered at the thought — even Fallout: Equestria, legendary for the distance between the covers of the ultra-rare bound edition, comes in below 700,000 words — and duly… (more…)

On writing female protagonists

It’s been suggested — the former Twitter account @MLPFacts claimed it as a bald fact — that Lauren Faust (may her fame increase) derived a fair amount of Mane Six characterization from existing fictional tropes. Which bothers me not at all: the reason they got to be tropes in the first place was the fact that they were almost infinitely… (more…)

In the Land of the Dropoff

Fimfiction counts every view of every chapter you write, but the number of views it reports for any given story is the number of views for the chapter most read. One might reasonably assume that this is the first chapter, since it’s been on the site for the longest time (unless everything was uploaded at once), and readers who don’t… (more…)

One might call it cynical

Enigma Machine has come up with a tall tale called Princess Twilight Sparkle™ Action Figures, in which we discover that the reason for Twi’s ascension to royalty was, um, to sell merchandise. Where would somepony get an idea like that, anyway?

An idea kicking around

It’s not my idea, but it makes a certain amount of sense to me: Pinkie Pie had been turned into a unicorn and got unicorn powers. One of her powers was that when any ponies were arguing, she could encase them in a pink bubble (kind of like the “force field” Twilight makes sometimes) and zap them off to some… (more…)

Notes in the night

I was stuck at about 600 words through Chapter 7 of The Life That Late He Led: most everything after “The doctor will see you shortly” came to me at about 3 am Sunday, and I duly got out of bed and typed it up. A few editing passes that evening, and it was ready to go. Incidentally, TLTLHL is… (more…)

Pass the hay fries

This is how we know Twi is so much smarter than the rest of us: Junk food is specifically engineered to be the best. It’s food made to taste good with science and rampant abuse of what we know of biology, like how fats, sugars and salts cause the brain to overload with bliss. What is there possibly not to… (more…)


There exists a short (1527 words) story titled A Letter to the Griffon Emperor on the Matter of War, which is exactly that: a nastygram from Twilight Sparkle that informs Emperor Tail Feather that should he try anything, he will not like the results. It’s nicely written, though I’m thinking that a good example of sabre-rattling should not include a… (more…)

Back into the fray

I’ve started up Chapter 6 of The Life That Late He Led, which promises to be — well, maybe it’s too early to make any promises. Let’s just say that our lovebirds are still capable of a prolonged squawk.

What’s going on

Amazingly, The Sparkle Chronicles got its 2000th read today. I find this simultaneously delightful and puzzling: I mean, given the way Fimfiction’s view counter works, not all those folks actually read the whole thing through — but still, two thousand gave it a chance. Rule 63, of course, proposes a stallion version of Twilight Sparkle, generally known in the fandom… (more…)