Dubious expertise

Some yahoo posted this to Yahoo! Answers: “Do unicorns have sex?”

This was the alleged Best Answer:

Unicorns don’t have sex organs- they’re too amazing
If you’ve clearly watched My Little Pony, obviously, you can see that if the ponies love each other, then they’ll magically have a child
Mr and Mrs cakes proved that theory
Unicorns reproduce by showing off their awesomeness and rubbing their horns against each other,
Eventually, their horns will release a magical “love” power
Making the female pregnant
So, no, unicorns can’t have sex

Mr and Mrs Cake are both earth ponies, so their relevance to unicorn sex would seem to be somewhere between slender and nonexistent, their having produced a unicorn foal notwithstanding.

And if that horn-rubbing actually worked, Cadance would have been pregnant before her honeymoon with Shining Armor, doncha think?

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