Fan input: zilch

Showrunners and staff haven’t looked at fan creations since, oh, ten minutes after Buchwald v. Paramount was decided. Despite this, every now and then somepony claims to have substantive impact on an episode of MLP:FiM, though few seem quite as deranged as this:

Silvi [Cultrix] here believes that she is a writer and collaborator for My Little Pony, and that she is not receiving the credit that she so deserves. She is even claiming plagiarism of her efforts.

On what basis?

Silvi believes that she worked with Lauren Faust to create the character of Treehugger in the Season 5 episode “Make new friends but keep Discord.” She believes this despite the tiny detail that Lauren Faust hasn’t worked on My Little Pony since Season 2.

Now if you ask me, the first order of business for a collaborator on that episode would have been to come up with a better title than “Make new friends but keep Discord,” which, on a scale of awkwardness from 1 to “Scootaloo goes through puberty,” ranks about 7.5. Silvi’s claim, however, is based on having had a Twitter convo with Faust about what hippie chicks might be like — in July of 2014, years after Faust left the show and, perhaps more important, three months after the script for this episode was finished and the character of Treehugger was graven in stone(d).

This is, incidentally, yet another reason why you’ll never get anyone on the show to read your fanfic, even if it’s as good as Background Pony, which it almost certainly isn’t.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    Almost any major “property” gets hit with these suits (I remember JK Rowling being sued by someone over Harry Potter). I suspect in some cases it’s a genuine belief that the person has, in some cases it’s nuttery, and in other cases, it’s a calculated, “Maybe they will settle out of court to make this go away, even though there’s nothing here.”

  2. DS says:

    In this particular case, I vote for nuttery.

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