I missed the first year

Pony as we know it — in other words, the premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic — began on this date four years ago. (10/10/10. A magical incantation in digital form? Who knows?)

It was nearly Season Two before I came on board, though by the time Season Two started I had long since caught myself up. Never figured there’d be a Season Five; I tend to expect things that fascinate me to disappear as quickly as possible. But I’m not too worried. As I observed in 2013:

[T]here are at least 100,000 fan-written stories out there. (I wrote five of them myself, with a sixth underway.) If at any point I was worried about running out of pony, I’m pretty sure that worry has evaporated into the Equestrian sky.

That sixth story isn’t anywhere near complete yet. But there is time, and time is (kind of) eternal.

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