Looking for Pinkameaning

Now and then, somepony asks if there’s a story segment of which I’m particularly proud. I deny it, of course. But now and then something I wrote strikes me as Not That Terrible, and this, from late in Chapter 2 of The way she used to be, might even make it up to Not Bad At All:

“You miss her that much?” Pinkie asked.

He nodded. No sense trying to hide it. “I miss her that much.”

“I can see it in your eyes,” said Pinkie. “When you say anything about her they light up like they were catching reflections off the stars. And that’s pretty hard to do when you’re inside.”

Writing Pinkie Pie does not come naturally to me. Headcanon tells me that she’s only silly in comparison to somepony else, that she almost always knows what she’s talking about — of the Mane Six, she’s the smartest pony who isn’t purple — and that she’s almost lyrical sometimes. Working within these guidelines, I can come up with proper Pinkieisms. Sort of.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    I think of her as somepony who is deep, but who only rarely expresses that depth. Sort of a philosopher unawares, perhaps? I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she felt and thought far more than she actually reveals….

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