Meanwhile at Trotcon

Our man in Columbus visits the fandom for the first time:

I find myself in the hotel lobby of Worthington’s Crowne. The first thing I did was B-line it to the gift shop. Not gonna lie, maybe kinda/certainly the weirdest introduction into the culture. The first thing I saw was the body pillow cases. Fitted sheets with (and I was prepared for something like this but, like, naw) sexually suggestive images of each of the Pony characters lying in a cushy bed-like background. Hey, to each their own. It’s not like I own any Gilmore Girl posters or have ever had a life-sized cut out of DMX at my birthday party (…).

The gifts and merch-grabs tailored itself to the fan base. Sure you had your super sexy anime keychains but you also had complete Pathfinder deluxe play settings that let you role-play within the universe of My Little Pony. You had cartoon smut lined up next to some (admittedly) cool looking figurines and Fallout: Equestria Fanfiction. But all of it was accepted and consumed by everyone here. It may not have been each person’s specific thing but no one questioned it, no one judged. Sure they were all a nervous and sweaty mess but they shared a mutual interest, they just expressed their fandom in differing ways.

Glad to have seen you, sir. You’re always welcome at the next one.

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