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Lightning Dust doesn't believe a word of it

Lightning Dust doesn’t believe a word of it

When first I heard the name Lightning Dust, it was the name of Rainbow Dash’s chief rival in the Wonderbolts Academy episode, a pony every bit as headstrong as Dash, and even more reckless, implausible as that might have seemed halfway through Season Three. Then someone recommended a song by an outfit called Lightning Dust, which I took to be another brony track, a couple of hundred of which seem to have landed on the premises in the last few years. It is nothing of the sort, of course; Lightning Dust the band is a Canadian outfit (from Vancouver, perilously close to DHX HQ) which has made three albums; Wikipedia describes them as “indie rock/goth.” “Diamond” is the tune in question, the lead track from their 2013 album Fantasy on the deliciously named Jagjaguwar label:

Still worth the listen, which is why I pass it on to you.

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