No reason I can see

But today was the busiest day in the history of this site, which means hardly anything in the grand scheme of things, but which tells me that it is now known to exist. On the off chance that somepony might come back, therefore, I’m going to have to actually do something once in a while.

5 Responses to No reason I can see

  1. TheGreatAndPowerfulNick says:

    This pony’s staying. I enjoy your stories and blog. Gives me something to do after I’m done with homework and don’t feel like re-watching all of season 3.

  2. DS says:

    Well, there’s always season 4, or will be shortly.

  3. TheGreatAndPowerfulNick says:

    Still a good twenty four days to enjoy your blog. Hey Dusty, know what’s better than twenty four?

  4. DS says:

    Well, 25 is certainly funnier.

  5. TheGreatAndPowerfulNick says:

    Just had my coffee so I laughed at that for about ten minutes. About to head to school will probably get on here and start writing something for FIMFiction.

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