On the other side of the divide

A writer apologizes to his readers — well, some of them, anyway:

hey everyone. sorry I’ve been inactive for so long and not been working on my stories. I’ve been buisy with life issues and other sites I’m apart of. also to the people who have sent me hate coments on my doctor whooves fanfiction, I hold no ill will against you but you guys need to not be so critical. fan fiction is about expressing ones personal ideas for something that they love to read/watch. yes the doctor isnt with derpy and i understand it is not “cannon” but that story is a “what if?” story and thats all. i apologize if i upset you but that is what came to my mind and i wanted to write it. anyway I’ll try to be more active when i can and do more stories and updates on my current ones. /)

I mention this because (1) the chap had the temerity to ship the Doctor with Twilight Sparkle (!) and (2) he liked some of my stuff.

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