On the third anniversary

If you tell a casual acquaintance that pony has changed your life, you will get glances askance — if you’re lucky.

My friends already know. And even if they’re not similarly moved, they understand what all this means to me.

Scoffers, of course, will point out that a lot of this fandom is based on pure, simple, ordinary wish-fulfillment fantasy. Well, duh. It’s a better place we imagine: human frailties and pony frailties are not so different, it appears, but if our weaknesses are their weaknesses, maybe their strengths can be our strengths.

Chuck Jones, who presided over some of the greatest cartoons of last century, once explained that Bugs Bunny is who we’d like to be, and Daffy Duck is who we actually are. He never did quite explain where Elmer Fudd fit in, although Fudd, owner of a mansion and a yacht, perhaps was the Prince Blueblood of his day.

Lauren Faust, we now know, understood at least as much as Chuck Jones did about archetypes. It’s why, though you decline to answer, we all know you’ve made your choice for Best Pony — even as we acknowledge that there’s no such thing, that MLP:FiM doesn’t work unless everypony gets a share of love and respect. And if we’re wise, we realize that our own lives don’t work unless everyone gets a share of love and respect.

That’s heady stuff for something that’s supposed, first and foremost, to sell toys. The fact that it’s inspired thousands of artists, musicians and writers tells me that it’s already grown far beyond anything the Hassenfeld brothers could have imagined when they first hung out their shingle in Pawtucket; we’re talking the stuff of legend. For a geezer like me who’d never been within screaming distance of legend before, it’s a wonderful thing indeed.

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  1. TheGreatAndPowerfulNick says:

    The fact that a cartoon about ponies has all but awe inspired me was surprising, at first. I thought to myself “Why the hay am I watching a show meant for little girls?” Then it dawned on me. I had been searching for years for someplace I belonged. Sometimes even changing the fabric of who I was to please and fit in with others. All of that changed when I joined this fandom, I found a place I belonged; I fit in. And I was given a warm welcome by the community. I love this community, the creativity and love poured into it still touches me as I continue to read, listen, and admire the contributions these fans make. I no longer change myself for others; I simply be me, and I’m perfectly fine with that. Being fifteen and in High School, the fact that I watch this show gives others negative impressions of me. I used to care about popularity but nowadays all I care about is staying exactly where I am, in the background with my friends. Most people tend to think I’m not even the type to watch the show. As I’m muscular and highly athletic. I simply laugh at the fact they really believe that. Most people’s first impressions of me are that I probably can’t even put a simple sentence together. When in truth. I’m an aspiring writer as my mother calls it “a god-given gift”. Oh no, I’ve made this comment all about me, when this is your blog. I read the TwiBrush series and was enthralled by your skill in writing. I’ll be reading your other works soon and maybe start working on my own, when I got off my flank and do it(probably not soon, anyway) I look forward to your future stories and will be following this blog. Hope you reply, you seem interesting to chat with. (Yes, that’s a compliment)

  2. DS says:

    This is the one advantage of being at the opposite end of the age spectrum: I don’t really have a peer group to give me grief. (I suspect that most people around my age — I’m slightly younger than Desert Brush — aren’t even aware that there’s a My Little Pony TV series at all, let alone that it has a story universe as extensive as Harry Potter’s.)

    I know a chap in another fandom who writes these long, rambling stories. (One I’ve followed is around 200k words.) Were he doing pony stuff, he’d be excoriated on FimFiction for humongous walls of text and sentences that run on for days, and he’d never get within bucking distance of EqD. But damn, can that guy tell a story; he’s just not the greatest at the logistics. I think of myself sometimes as the opposite: the narrative may be fuzzy, but the syntax is usually correct.

    Anyway, I’m glad you liked TwiBrush. That was a difficult ship to pull off.

  3. TheGreatAndPowerfulNick says:

    Nowadays, I’ve learned, people are much more accepting of things that are different. I’ve rarely come across anyone who has had a problem with the show and if I did it was either a perplexingly immature individual on the internet, or a guy on the street way too uncomfortable with his own masculinity. I can write shorter stories, but novel length stories would absolutely fry my brain and I wouldn’t be able to write for weeks. Hopefully when I decide to write something you’ll take a look. Yes, I don’t get the hate with OC x mane 6 shipping. One of the mane 6 entering the human world and building a relationship with them is in my opinion a very interesting subject, and can make for a great story, like your TwiBrush series. I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for something to write for awhile, but nothings really sparked. That along with my fear of the reviewers on FIMFiction has kept me from writing anything. Those guys can be pretty tough from what I’ve seen. Well, look forward to your reply.

  4. DS says:

    If I’ve learned anything on Fimfic, it’s that downvotes come first: I got three on The Life That Late He Led before a single upvote.

    Some readers don’t like OCs generally. (Which may be why Dead Pony Flying did well, since the only OC is the conductor of the Last Train, who gets one line.)

  5. TheGreatAndPowerfulNick says:

    That put me up in spirits, I have an account on FIMFiction now by the same name as on here. Will maybe write something soon when an idea arises. I’m sure Dead Pony Flying would’ve done well if it was flooded with OCs. It was very well written and tugged at the Lyra Heartstrings. Sorry, I love horrible puns.

  6. LunaUsesCaps says:

    yeah pones are cool i guess

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