Not that anyone is likely to be concerned

If you’ve wandered over here from FIMFiction, you might have noticed that the chapter titles used here don’t match the chapter titles used there: it’s all numbers at this end.

The reason for that is simple: I don’t actually come up with the title until the chapter is completed and ready for uploading to FF, and I don’t want to come back here and edit it. (WordPress, which runs this site, sets up its links with post and page titles unless you specify “Otherwise!” and I don’t feel like arguing with WordPress.)

Besides, if I were to establish a chapter title in the very beginning, it might somehow affect the storyline. Now admittedly, some storylines need to be affected, but let’s not go there just now.

On the third anniversary

If you tell a casual acquaintance that pony has changed your life, you will get glances askance — if you’re lucky.

My friends already know. And even if they’re not similarly moved, they understand what all this means to me.

Scoffers, of course, will point out that a lot of this fandom is based on pure, simple, ordinary wish-fulfillment fantasy. Well, duh. It’s a better place we imagine: human frailties and pony frailties are not so different, it appears, but if our weaknesses are their weaknesses, maybe their strengths can be our strengths.

Chuck Jones, who presided over some of the greatest cartoons of last century, once explained that Bugs Bunny is who we’d like to be, and Daffy Duck is who we actually are. He never did quite explain where Elmer Fudd fit in, although Fudd, owner of a mansion and a yacht, perhaps was the Prince Blueblood of his day.

Lauren Faust, we now know, understood at least as much as Chuck Jones did about archetypes. It’s why, though you decline to answer, we all know you’ve made your choice for Best Pony — even as we acknowledge that there’s no such thing, that MLP:FiM doesn’t work unless everypony gets a share of love and respect. And if we’re wise, we realize that our own lives don’t work unless everyone gets a share of love and respect.

That’s heady stuff for something that’s supposed, first and foremost, to sell toys. The fact that it’s inspired thousands of artists, musicians and writers tells me that it’s already grown far beyond anything the Hassenfeld brothers could have imagined when they first hung out their shingle in Pawtucket; we’re talking the stuff of legend. For a geezer like me who’d never been within screaming distance of legend before, it’s a wonderful thing indeed.

Group embrace

Some of the FIMFiction groups have happened onto my stuff, for which of course I am grateful. (I’m not yet in the Let’s Make Fun of Worthless Trash group, but I can wait.)

The Sparkle Chronicles: four groups.
Dead Pony Flying: two groups.
The way she used to be: six groups.

All three made it into Twilight’s Library, which has over four thousand stories submitted by over a thousand readers. Somepony in there evidently likes me, or at least likes something I wrote.

On the question of design

Well, I got through another WordPress update without having to re-tweak the theme. Now this theme was chosen for several reasons — most notably, it looks vaguely dry, and it’s not particularly easy to read — but it’s still current, and therefore it’s subject to change should its author see fit, and should that happen, I have to go back and redraw it once more.

(Yes, I know about so-called “child themes.” I trust them about as far as I’d trust Flim. Or Flam, for that matter.)

(Firefox’s spellchecker questions Flim — it suggests Flin, Flem, Slim, Clim and Film — but not Flam. Go figure.)

Shorter version: This site may not always look like this. And maybe that’s a good thing in the long run.

EqG reviewed

But not by me. And I wanted this final paragraph spread around a bit:

I really hope that this Flash Sentry thing isn’t the start of a story line that will involve Twilight having a boyfriend and eventually husband, because (a) getting married is sure to get her and Flash shipped off to rule some kingdom and (b) it would really screw up the dynamics of the show, to the point where I can’t see it still working.

Come to think of it, I’m going to have to deal with Flash Sentry at some point.

(If you care what I thought of EqG, go here.)

Still short of a fanbase

Some time during the last 12 hours, I got my 4,000th story view from FIMFiction. I am, of course, delighted, but I’m always surprised when I get any at all. And if I’d get off my flank and do some more writing, I’d probably get a few more than that, but 26-hour days are few and far between, and it’s not like either Celestia or Luna owes me any favors.

Not that anyone was confused

Apparently two of us are operating under this same name. I honestly don’t think that our particular interests overlap, but in case it wasn’t clear to you, or you came in from a search engine, I’m the guy who writes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stories at an incredibly slow speed. The other one heads up MiceChat, an independent guide to Disney theme parks and attractions.

Bits of recognition

My two stand-alone stories, Dead Pony Flying and The way she used to be, have been picked up by actual FIMFiction groups, getting them a few more readers, which is always nice. (The Twilight’s Library group has picked up both.)

I am perhaps most amused by the seal of approval granted to The way by the Good Grammar Directory, whose priorities should be clear from the name.

In which the road was hit

Those of you who might have taken me to task for griping about a 130-mile drive to see Equestria Girls will almost certainly not comprehend why I drove over 700 miles for this.

Midwest Brony Fest badge 2013

“Badges? Yes, we need stinkin’ badges!”

Well, it was more than 72 minutes: it was two whole days of pony-related activities. And if you ask me, I think everypony within a day of an actual con needs to do this at least once, just to pick up on the enthusiasm levels.

FYI: “General” merely indicates that I was not a vendor or a host or a guest or anypony special. It is not an indication of rank or of rankness.

Under the magnifying glass

Not Worthy reviews Dead Pony Flying:

It’s a simple slice of life about death that abounds with an appreciation for life.

For there is indeed much to appreciate, as you will discover on your way to the Last Adventure.