Not that anyone was confused

Apparently two of us are operating under this same name. I honestly don’t think that our particular interests overlap, but in case it wasn’t clear to you, or you came in from a search engine, I’m the guy who writes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stories at an incredibly slow speed. The other one heads up MiceChat, an independent guide to Disney theme parks and attractions.

Bits of recognition

My two stand-alone stories, Dead Pony Flying and The way she used to be, have been picked up by actual FIMFiction groups, getting them a few more readers, which is always nice. (The Twilight’s Library group has picked up both.)

I am perhaps most amused by the seal of approval granted to The way by the Good Grammar Directory, whose priorities should be clear from the name.

In which the road was hit

Those of you who might have taken me to task for griping about a 130-mile drive to see Equestria Girls will almost certainly not comprehend why I drove over 700 miles for this.

Midwest Brony Fest badge 2013

“Badges? Yes, we need stinkin’ badges!”

Well, it was more than 72 minutes: it was two whole days of pony-related activities. And if you ask me, I think everypony within a day of an actual con needs to do this at least once, just to pick up on the enthusiasm levels.

FYI: “General” merely indicates that I was not a vendor or a host or a guest or anypony special. It is not an indication of rank or of rankness.

Under the magnifying glass

Not Worthy reviews Dead Pony Flying:

It’s a simple slice of life about death that abounds with an appreciation for life.

For there is indeed much to appreciate, as you will discover on your way to the Last Adventure.

How does this make me feel?

Two silhouettes on the shade

 Two silhouettes on the shade

“How does this make you feel?” asked jesting Sethisto. Of course, it reminded me of the goodbye scene in Chapter Six of The Sparkle Chronicles: “…the old man and the young unicorn engaged in what had to be one of the all-time great kisses.” And of course, that’s a pegasus in the picture, but no matter; I know how my mind works.

And a quick browse of the comments reveals something I knew, but chose to overlook: a small but substantial portion of the fandom doesn’t want Homo sapiens anywhere near their little ponies, thank you very much, and they are steadfast in that stance. I can’t really blame them, either: the squick factor is discussed in the story itself. (And, come to think of it, on a non-pony-oriented site I write.)

Still, I’ll defend what I wrote, if only because I am wise enough — or fool enough — to believe that love conquers all.

Moving right along

I have done just about all I can with Chapter 2 of The Life That Late He Led, and I pushed it up to FIMFiction late last night. It was a difficult chapter, even if about half of it was reworked from the original Chapter 1 that was withdrawn; the potential for emotional turmoil was definitely on the high side.

At least now I have a vague idea of where I’m going with this thing.

Back of the pack

FIMFiction’s knighty announced that he’d added some new stuff to the Statistics page, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a look, even though I am a minor contributor at best.

Total word count has surpassed 700 million, and is rising rapidly: it might hit a billion by the end of the year. (My own word count is 57,078, which is not rising all that rapidly.) There are about 93,000 users in all, which works out to about 8000 words per user; of course, not all users are actually writing, though once I’d signed in, a little over a year ago, it became obvious that I’d have to write something.

Unsurprisingly, My Little Dashie has collected the most Favourites: 8,261. Of the top five, I’ve read four. Surprisingly, The Sparkle Chronicles, my own signature story, has managed to garner 75 favourites. (I had guessed about 45-50.)

Pen Stroke, the author of Past Sins, #3 on Most Favourites, has the most watchers/followers: 3,841. (I have forty-nine.)

Now I’m not complaining. I’m basically a garage band thrown into the marketplace with John, Paul, George and Ringo. But I can’t help but wonder if I’d be a bit higher on name recognition if I had more time to devote to this sort of thing.

Resubmission accomplished

Once again, The Life That Late He Led is up on FIMFiction. At least one reader seemed to like it this time.

I’m trying to decide if this matters

There’s exactly one theater showing Equestria Girls in the entire freaking state. Do I really want to make a 130-mile trip?

They don’t do it for me

A reminder from Scootareader at The Daily Oat:

One thing that many find difficult to grasp is that they are not part of the most important group. We love ponies and we look forward to ponies, but our desires are secondary. Little girls are more important to Hasbro than us when it comes to their show because this audience represents a lot more than just an outlier group; the target audience is their entire future and well-being. If they deign to ignore the parents who want their children to watch quality shows, that is a lot more lost revenue than a considerably smaller following of non-target viewers.

In fact, I’ll say something even scarier:


The fourth generation of MLP may have been utterly unique in the history of “children’s” television. But it’s not going to last forever, and eventually it will be rebooted yet again — and chances are, not for the better, at least from our point of view. What can we do about that? Nothing much — except to stay out of the way and hope we don’t rush Hasbro into any sudden moves.