And she should know, right?

Were it not for Lauren Faust, we’d never have had MLP:FiM. But you knew that, right?

Potentially awkward

Was it just me, or did anyone else think, before seeing “The Parent Trap” (S8E08), that it was a setup for the eventual pairing of Starlight Glimmer’s dad and Sunburst’s mom?

Just me, then? Okay, fine. Carry on, then.

I bet she can, too

Masque of the Purple Smart

Is this Equestria’s favorite skin-care solution?

Glamglow #Glittermask

Soon this product will be available to bipeds:

The GlamGlow glitter masks are inspired by the sparkly shades of three beloved ponies: Princess Luna, who we all know as a powerful princess and beauty icon; Pinkie Pie, the socialite and life of the party; and Twilight Sparkle, the lovable perfectionist… You will have to wait a couple more weeks, though, since this dream collaboration will be making its debut in April.

Price is $59, or its equivalent in bits.

Dash, interrupted

This shot from the Toy Fair — thank you, The Illustrious Q — serves as a reminder that Derpy Day (1 March) is practically upon us.

Unplanned exposure

So I’m sitting in the therapist’s office, and my phone rings.

I am reasonably certain she wasn’t expecting this for a ringtone:

And then she looked at the actual phone, with its Twilight Sparkle wallpaper, and — well, I never was worth a flip at keeping secrets.

The accidental biped

One easily gets trapped in TV Tropes, and while trying to find my way out, I stumbled across this:

Twilight Sparkle from Equestria Girls

  You better believe she knows how to use them

While all the females in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls franchise are quite leggy (mostly due to art style), an odd case can be seen with the native human Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Friendship Games. Not even her Equestria counterpart has the kind of legs she has.

What’s more:

The human versions of Celestia and Luna have ridiculously long legs which not even suit pants can disguise.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Pegasus Barbie

Is this even possible? Not now, no.

Will it ever be? Definitely maybe:

Hasbro has made a bid to acquire rival toymaker Mattel, according to a new report.

According to the New York Times, Hasbro made the takeover offer in recent months and while details about the offer are unknown as is whether or not Hasbro and Mattel have been in any further talks about the offer, a deal would combine the two largest U.S. toymakers in more than two decades.

The takeover offer comes as Mattel has encountered weak sales following the September bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us, the U.S.’s largest toy retailer. Last month, Mattel said the toy retailer’s bankruptcy — a result of shifting consumer preference for electronic toys and e-commerce — was a factor in the company’s third quarter results and Mattel’s sales have fallen 13 percent since last year. The toymaker’s stock has also taken a hit, falling 52 percent over the past year while Hasbro’s shares have increased 8 percent. Despite the financial concerns, Mattel’s ownership of valuable brands makes the toymaker ripe for takeover by Hasbro.

What does EQD’s Sethisto think about all this?

How will this effect pony? Probably not much. Aside from me wishing I could go back in time and tell past me to invest everything into Hasbro stocks 6 years ago. That would have been nice.

Sounds like Sethisto, to be sure.

Update: Mattel is not interested, for now.

Community spirit

No way I could keep from passing this along:

And to answer the most likely question:

I am awed.

Compare and contrast

A Farker named Hills-Sachs_Legion puts all this pony stuff into the proper perspective:

A show that is based around being good to your fellows and getting through difficult times together has a fandom that tries to live up to the ideal of friendship.

Meanwhile, a show about cynical, violent gross-out humor with no consequences has a fandom that gets stabby over a condiment.

What can we learn from this?