Parallel lines

Much was made this week about Billy Bob Thornton having an opinion on MLP:FiM, specifically The Cutie Map two-parter that pushed Season 4 into Season 5; you can almost see Sethisto’s glee as he published two paragraphs from a GQ interview with Billy Bob on EQD.

What EQD didn’t print was this summation by GQ correspondent Taffy Brodesser-Akner:

The Starlight Glimmers of the world have won. They have created a society in which everyone is equal and everyone is the same and everyone watches superhero movies, the same ones with different actors. And because we were all exposed to one thing, we became one thing and we wanted one thing. We are all Starlight Glimmer now, fucking missionary like a metronome, back and forth, back and forth, feeling nothing new and wanting nothing scary. We have lost our right to have art.

Which tells me that the world needs the same sort of hard-core attitude adjustment that Twilight Sparkle more or less inadvertently visited upon Starlight Glimmer; I suspect the world’s self-justifications are probably just as lame as the Glimster’s.

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